Here are 8 things your dog can perceive and some of them are really fascinating!

Before something important happens in your life and you don’t even know what to expect, your dog can percive it in advance! A dog is an extremely loyal animal that doesn’t think for a second about putting its life in danger to save and protect those it loves. This is exactly why our dog will do everything to warn us in time about good and bad things, because your dog can percieve !

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According to animal expert Mad Pawns, there is a list of eight things our dogs can sense before we do:

  1. Pregnancy

Believe it or not, your dog can sense that you are pregnant much earlier than you can notice it yourself. Dogs simply have an incredible sense of smell that is so sophisticated that they can sense hormonal changes in a woman’s body, and these hormonal changes occur in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

8 things your dog can perceive

2. Birth

The next event, which is no less interesting than the first, is the birth of a child! Yes, your dog can unmistakably sense that the time of the birth of your child has come! If your dog refuses to be near you when the birth is imminent, and this also happens because of the hormonal change that tells him that the birth is imminent, you know that it is time to go to the hospital!
When birth is imminent, your dog will be on standby to be extra protective of you, and this is his way of telling you that he loves you!

3. Fear

You’ve probably heard, “Don’t be afraid of the dog, he can sense your fear”, and this is absolutely true.
Fear leads to the release of adrenaline and pheromones, which dogs can sense with their amazing sense of smell. Some dogs attack when they feel too much fear. Therefore, if you have an unwanted encounter with a stray dog, it is best to just walk calmly on and not pay any attention to him.

4. Sadness

I’m sure you’ve also experienced coming home in a bad mood, or something just happened to you, or you heard news you didn’t like so you were sad, your dog came to you and gently laid his head in your lap, right? Yes, of course. This is because dogs unmistakably sense when you are sad and in a bad mood, and they want to comfort you by showing you affection and love in their own way.

8 things your dog can perceive

5. Meteorological changes

The sense of smell is not the only perfect weapon our pet has. He also has perfect hearing. A dog can hear and sense a storm long before it arrives. Most of the time they behave anxiously, even the slightest change in the air makes them uneasy.

6. When you’re almost home

You know when you haven’t even got near the front door and your dog is already at the window before he has even seen you?! The reason for this is also his extraordinary sense of smell, but also his hearing! Your dog can smell that you are nearby, he can hear your footsteps at a greater distance and can also unmistakably distinguish the sound of your car.

7. Illness

There are dogs that have been trained for years as medical assistance dogs to alert their owners when they need to take hypoglycemic medication or to get to a safe place before a seizure begins. These skills allow them to detect diseases in order to protect their owners. There are even trials underway to use dogs to detect certain types of cancer.

8. Death

When a person is at the end of life and death is very close, certain hormonal changes also occur in the body. Dogs can perceive these changes in the same way as a birth.

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