A magic moment of a playful dolphin jumping out of water to kiss dog

We promise this is the most beautiful video you will see today! Dolphins are one of the most beloved animals for many of us, every video with them melts our heart and puts a smile on our face. This video will give you the best feelings.
Two pups are travelling on a boat until at some point a dolphin appears, making this journey even more beautiful and interesting. A curious dolphin emerged from the water to make new friends and brighten up the trip for these humans and their pets with his presence. How else to make a new friend if not with a kiss and affection. And that’s exactly what this dolphin did. He jumped out of the water and gave a kiss to the dog, who looked curiously in his direction.

The dogs were thrilled by the dolphin’s presence and immediately agreed to his play. It was truly amazing.
The dogs simply could not hide their joy. After the dolphin returned to the water for a moment, it reappeared and the play continued. One of the eyewitnesses captured this moment because the game lasted for some time.
The clip is from the award-winning IMAX classic Dolphins in the Wild, which shows the life of dolphins in their natural habitat. MacGillivray Freeman Movies, founders of the One Globe, One Ocean Campaign, have released a film called Dolphins.
You can see this incredible moment in the video below!

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