Meet Tango, the “clumsy” horse who goes viral for his clumsiness!

Horses are at the top when it comes to animal intelligence. On the internet we find many videos and pictures that leave us speechless when we see the skill, speed and magnificence of these animals. But even among the best, there is always one that doesn’t do so well. In this case, the “black sheep” is a horse called Tango. He became a star on the internet, but only because of his clumsiness!
People used his picture to make various jokes, but all his awkwardness didn’t make him less noble than he is, quite the opposite!
Twitter user @mckellogs posted a post describing how his family is preparing for the winter season. Tango, the horse, hasn’t done as well in the stable as his friends and therefore needs the most attention in winter.

Check out some of the posts that made the world laugh!

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