You have certainly not seen this before! An unusual friendship between a man and a fish will leave you speechless!

For more than 25 years there has been an unusual friendship between a human and a fish, believe it or not! It’s common to choose a dog, cat, rabbit, bird or something similar as a best friend, but this combination is perhaps the only friendship on the entire planet. Bizarre, isn’t it?

Many years ago, a diver from Japan named Hiroyuki Arakawa was chosen to dive and monitor the “Torii”, a sacred place of great importance to the Shinto religion. This shrine is located below Tateyama Bay in Japan. Hiroyuki often dived to visit this place and check if everything was alright, because this place is extremely important to the people of Japan. That’s how he met this beautiful but unusual fish, which he named Yoriko and with whom he formed a nice friendship from the first day. Although such friendly relationships are not common and do not seem possible because fish are free beings that go their own way in the depths of the sea, we are denied this case.

Yoriko kept coming back from the opportunity to see her friend at the same time. When this video became world famous, when the whole world saw this friendship, no one knew if this was even true or if it was Fake News. Everyone was shocked. As bizarre as it may sound, scientists have confirmed that fish can recognise human faces!
Yes, yes, you read that right. These creatures that we only find beautiful, but not useful or interesting to form a deeper relationship with, can actually recognise us.

“The scientists presented the fish with two images of human faces and trained them to select one of them by spitting on the image with their jets,” Dr Cait Newport of Oxford University tells CNN. Cait Newport of Oxford University. “The researchers decided to make it a little more difficult. They took pictures and made them black and white and equalised the head shapes. You’d think that would throw a wrench in the works. But no, they managed to recognise a famous face with 86% accuracy. “

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