The first encounter of the lion father with his cub shocked the world! We are sure that you will not remain indifferent either!

We are used to beautiful videos about domestic cats that make us laugh to tears or are tender and awaken beautiful feelings in us. We also like to watch videos about dogs and other animals, but wild animals can also be totally cute and create a moment that some people can capture on camera and share with the whole world. The video that is making a splash on the internet shows us the moment when the lion dad sees his cub for the first time.
The lion they named Tobias is not a typical father lion who is not very interested in his cub, he is the complete opposite! I’m sure that’s why he has captured many hearts and left many viewers pondering and admiring how a large and ferocious animal holds so much tenderness.
The Denver Zoo is responsible for this wonderful shot. The moment when the lion dad greets his cub shocked many.
Everyone present was interested in this moment when the big lion father leans down to his son and shows him affection and love in this way. Everyone was thrilled by this action, which they honestly did not expect.

Adult lions generally treat their cubs differently, they can be aggressive or disinterested towards them. They devote themselves to sleeping and eating and leave the care of the cubs to the lionesses.
This viral video is truly a rarity, and the zoo staff wanted to see this moment and share it with the world.
From that day on, dad Leo and his cub spend a lot of time together. Together with mum Neliah and another sister, they form a wonderful family full of love and tenderness.

The Denver Zoo recently announced:

“Half of Africa’s lions have disappeared in the last 25 years, and the species is increasingly threatened by poaching, loss of prey and habitat destruction. The birth of a cub is a huge success for the Lion Species Survival Plan (LAP), which ensures healthy, genetically diverse lion populations at Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) facilities.

We hope that people who see our little lion cub will be inspired and take action to protect its wild conspecifics and other wildlife around the world. “

Watch the video and see for yourself the magical moment we are talking about:

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