Meet the New York Police Department’s first pit bull who will capture your hearts!

This wonderful pit bull dog breaks all stereotypes about its breed. They are popularly known as dangerous dogs, and many of you are sure that it is almost impossible to recruit them into the ranks of the police!
Mostly, dogs are what their owners make them. With a lot of love they become friendly friends, but if they are treated with violence and without tenderness and love, they become bloodthirsty and vicious. It is not uncommon to hear in the news that pit bulls have attacked random passers-by in the street and even children. We don’t want these negative examples to become synonymous with these wonderful dogs that just need to be loved like any other living creature. Now we introduce you to a female pit bull named Kiah! Unfortunately, this wonderful beauty belongs to another group whose owners did not treat her as she deserved.
One day she was found on the street, walking alone and with a bleeding injury on her head. Fortunately, the police managed to track down her owner, who was then arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Since that day, this wonderful dog has belonged to the “Kirby” Animal Shelter in Texas.
Her wonderful and gentle nature was immediately recognised by all the shelter staff. In the meantime, they were looking for a suitable home for Kiah, but they had an even better idea!
Kiah could make a great police dog! They inquired about the possibility of applying and the final choice was the Universal K9 programme.

During the training for police dogs, she showed excellent skills and talents. She impressed everyone.
She looked like a dog who never had a hard life. In no time, she became everyone’s favourite. After completing her training, she officially became the first pit bull dog in New York. Her first job is as a “dog tracker” with the Poughkeepsie Police Department.
Officer Justin Bruzgul says, “If a dog has the energy to use its nose and wants to please its handler and do its job, it doesn’t matter what breed it is.”

The Kirby Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook, “We are so proud of our Kiah! She [sets] the bar high and proves that pit bulls can make our neighborhoods safer, not more dangerous … Bravo Kiah! “

Watch a video about this beautiful dog!

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