When a mother cat brings her sick kitten to the hospital, doctors rush to help them!

Photos from the emergency department of an Istanbul hospital recently spread on social networks. Merne can post pictures on Twitter showing a mother cat carrying her sick kitten to a human hospital, and Paramedics can be seen petting and surrounding the sad mother cat.

Fortunately, Turks are known for their compassion and concern for stray animals, so they stepped in to rescue the cats. The kitten is now healthy, and no CT scans were needed.

A stray mother cat recently took her little kitten to the emergency room in Istanbul.
The story was shared by hundreds of people on Turkish social media and liked by more than 82,000 people on Reddit, and it warmed the hearts of many people. Pictures on Twitter show a newborn kitten taken to the emergency room by its mother.

Merne can, who first published the photos, said: “Today we were in the hospital’s emergency area when the cat ran to bring her babies into her mouth.”
Paramedics are gathered around the kittens in pictures that have spread on social networks.

According to Turkish media, doctors reacted quickly and evaluated the kitten for obvious health problems. The mother cat chased after her machete and did not let him out of her sight.
The mother cat received milk and food while the kitten was being cared for.

According to local media, doctors gave the mother milk and snacks while the baby was in care to help her relax and feel better. Turks have a long history of caring for stray animals, and many people put food and water for them on the streets.

Two cats were sent to the vet when doctors intervened.
Fortunately, both cats appeared to be in good health, according to Turkish media, but they were still taken to a doctor to ensure the mother and pair of kittens were in good health.
The episode was widely reported in Turkish newspapers and on social media.
Paramedics and medical staff at an Istanbul hospital were praised on Reddit for their thoughtful actions.

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