Kitten Spends A Year Imprisoned In A Fishing Net, And Her Baby Suffers The Same Fate!

Cats are curious by nature, so they often get into trouble. A stray cat from South Korea got into serious trouble after getting tangled in a fishing net. When she managed to free herself from the trap, parts of her body still caused her significant problems. To make matters even more complicated, the cat was pregnant.

It is assumed that the cat wanted to get hold of the fish, but it all ended badly for her.
As careful and clever as cats are, sometimes they act carelessly and get into trouble, as in this case. Hunger was more significant than fear in this cat’s case.

The cat’s agony lasted for hours. When she finally got out, part of the net remained on her body, pressing and making cuts.
In the meantime, the cat gave birth, and the net on her body caused a problem for one of her newly born kittens. The kitten became entangled on the web that his mother had on her body.

Although the poor woman struggled with the net, she did not give up caring for her babies. It was tough for her to move; the catch pressed her extremities, making walking difficult and causing her pain.
The woman who found the poor cat and her kittens urgently contacted help to save the cat’s family.

The net from the cat’s body was removed quite simply, and the kitten attached to it with the net was freed. All of them underwent a medical examination, and they were found to be in good health. Apart from the bodily injuries caused by the net, there were no significant problems.

The fishing net created cuts on the neck, but the vets made sure to repair the wounds, and the cat was fine rapidly.
A tiny kitten stuck in a net suffered a lower leg injury. The vet gave him anesthesia to remove the mesh and then gave him the appropriate therapy.

This beautiful family of cats has been taken to safety, and we hope they will soon find a suitable home.
Be kind to stray animals because their life on the street is already harsh enough, and every kind gesture you make will significantly help them.

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