The woman came home and saw that a wild lynx was waiting for her in the living room!

The wild animal felt comfortable in the house.

Sometimes we don’t expect guests, and they come anyway. Recently, a resident from the US came home as usual and saw a wild bobcat on the dog bed. She was shocked but not confused.

This story occurred in the American state of Arizona. This month, a resident came home as usual and found a wild bobcat in her living room. It was lying on the dog bed, surrounded by toys. The woman was shocked but not confused and quickly contacted the Wildlife Management Authority, which rescues wildlife.

While waiting for rescuers, the woman took a few photos of the bobcat. She suspected the predator had entered the house through a small, open doggie door, and such an incident had never happened before. Before animal rescuers arrived, the lynx escaped from the house before animal rescuers arrived through the same door.

According to the ministry, no one was injured that day – not the lynx, dog, or residents. Nevertheless, the story was circulated on the Internet after the incident to warn residents that such a thing is possible. Experts advise: Anyone in a similar situation should not act independently but seek shelter and contact animal rescuers.

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