Watch the touching encounter of a man with a dog that was stolen from him!

After months of searching in vain, owner has finally found his dog. But what actually happened and how did this dog get lost?
In June last year, a dog named Bandit, a Malinois Shepherd, disappeared from his home in France.
A man named Farid was desperate to find his dog, who had been stolen when he was just eight months old. After almost a year of searching, the man was finally reunited with his dog.
The dog was found 310 miles from his home. Fortunately, he had a microchip, which was very helpful in the search.

A proper welcome home party was organised for the dog’s return to his owner. Their first meeting was very emotional and everyone present was happy to seen that the dog had not forgotten his owner!
Finally they were together again as they used to be! Thanks to the microchip, but also thanks to good people who were very happy to help Farid, his dog was where he belonged, in his home.

Farid explained, "I am very grateful to everyone involved in his recovery and cannot stress enough how important it is to chip your pets. Bringing Bandit home is a miracle that would not have been possible without the chip. "Bringing Bandito home was one of the happiest days of my life.

Watch the touching video of the two friends below. Farid shared that the two had come a long way, but he was overjoyed to have his beloved dog back.

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