Poor Abandoned Puppy, Burst Into Tears When Given A Piece Of Bread

In the eyes of the animals who we given just a little food or warmth and love, you can see a moment of true happiness and gratitude. Abandoned animals can truly appreciate everything we give them. They have no one but us. The video that literally set social media on fire shows us what gratitude looks like in practice these poor and abandoned animals.

A small, abandoned puppy wandered the city streets for days. We don’t know what happened to his mother. He was disoriented, exhausted and very hungry and thirsty. The moment when they give him some bread, after which he sheds tears, is one of the most emotional moments you have ever seen!
The person recording this moment gave the little dog a piece of bread, and at first he just bit down on a small piece, then he burst into tears.

All the pain came out through the little dog’s tears. He didn’t want to greedily gorge himself on a piece of bread, but only took a little so. He knew that after several days of starvation, he would have nothing after this meal. He probably wanted to leave it and divide it evenly into small meals, or leave it for his mother, brothers and sisters if they ever showed up….

When the human saw the very bad condition of the little puppy and the unusual reaction, he decided to help him. He took him to his home and then to the vet to have him examined and treated appropriately. The little dog’s body was full of parasites, sores and fleas, and he was also sick because he had been starving for several days. Fortunately, the test results were not bad, so he could recover with only basic care.

The man who found this adorable puppy named him Gunnar. Gunnar is fed according to the doctor’s instructions and receives the nutrients he needs to recover from his illness. Gunnar now has a new family to pamper and care for him after a long and difficult life.

Watch the video that chronologically shows Gunnar’s development from a small, hungry dog to a big, healthy dog who runs around playfully and loves being with other dogs. If you liked this story, share it with your friends!

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