The dog found in the hot Tar could not move or ask for help!

A gruesome scene shocked people when they found a dog stuck in a puddle of hot resin. His body was trapped so that he could no longer move or call for help! The hot resin completely engulfed his body and only by sheer luck was he found and rescued.

The people who found the unfortunate dog immediately informed the Indian animal aid organisation “Animal Aid Unlimited”, which immediately responded to the distress call.

Dog rescue action

There are many places like this in India, so it is not uncommon for animals to get into this kind of danger. Some, unfortunately, were not lucky enough to be found and rescued by humans.

Dog rescue action

The rescue operation took almost 3 hours. It is really difficult to remove the sticky resin from a dog’s fur, painlessly and with the least possible harm to the animal. The volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited did a great job once again.

For more information, watch this video:

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