Veterinarian saves the life of a kitten!

A kitten on the side of the road waiting for someone to rescue it “FTC Meow”.

Meet: Samnang from Cambodia. This man has the most beautiful and humane job in the world!

This young man is full of enthusiasm and spends almost all his free time looking for animals that need to be rescued from the streets and treated to find them homes. Samnang is a veterinarian who says he is fulfilled and happy only when he rescues and helps animals.

Cambodia is a country with a poor standard of living, so animal care is superficial.

There are too many stray dogs and cats, but this man is not discouraged by that.

He posted one of his many rescues on his YouTube profile, “FTC Meow.” His friend called him and said he needed help urgently. It was a tiny black and white kitten found on the street in a terrible condition.

It was motionless, wet and in poor health. When Samnang pulled it out of the box, the kitten lay motionless, barely giving any sign of life.

Although this would be a hopeless case for many, this good man would not give up. He knew and believed that he could help him.

When he placed him on the table, he immediately subjected him to a routine e examination. Samnang examined his teeth and then listened to his heartbeat with a stethoscope. He took the unfortunate Machete’s temperature and then hooked him up to an IV to give him medicine and get him stronger again.

And he was successful! After a while, the poor kitten opened its eyes and stood up. At first, Samnang gave it milk with a bottle, and after the kitten fully recovered, it began to eat on its own.

If you haven’t seen what an animal looks like that is grateful to its rescuer, you can see it now at the end of this video. The kitten climbed onto his rescuer’s shoulder and seemed to whisper to him, “Thank you.”

Watch the video about this remarkable man and the kitten that managed to survive thanks to him:

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