A dog that could hardly breathe because of a tumor was operated on and now looks completely different!

May I introduce: BANDIT! He is a poor dog with a big tumor on his neck. Recently there were many complications. It was very difficult for him to breathe. BANDIT’s owner is an elderly gentleman who does not have the money to pay for the surgery.

Fortunately, some good people donated money to Bandit’s owner so he could pay for the surgery. BANDIT is very affectionate and does not want to leave his owner, he hugs him all the time. The dog found it hard to leave his owner. BANDIT was taken to the vet who examined the tumor. The vet reacted quickly and prepared Bandit for surgery. The surgery lasted 2 hours and the tumor was removed from the poor animal. The chances that the dog would survive were good.

After a few weeks, Bandit fully recovered. The dog is now living his best life!

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