Rescue workers pull a woman and dog from a sinking car

In 2016, Louisiana experienced catastrophic flooding that claimed six lives. Thousands of people were forced to seek refuge from the water element after days of stormy rains.

Rescue workers managed to pull out a woman whose car was submerged in water. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs and called for help. Only one part of the car remained on the surface, while the other part was already under water.

The rescuers managed to get to the car by boat and help the woman. It seemed to be too late for all of them and they would not be able to help the woman. Nevertheless, the rescuers managed to break through the roof and pull the woman out at the last moment.

After being pulled out of the car, the woman shouted, “Save my dog! He’s in the car!”.

Without thinking, the rescuer went back into the water to pull the dog ashore. And when all hope was lost that the dog would survive, the man managed to catch him and bring him to safety.

The little white dog was overjoyed and jumped joyfully with happiness and gratitude to the good people who had not abandoned him.

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