Useful lifehacks that make life much easier for pet owners!

Useful tips

A cat or dog in the house is undoubtedly a great blessing. But every pet owner knows that living with a four-legged friend requires a lot of patience. We try to make your life easier with ten excellent tips and tricks.

Pay attention to your pet’s ears!

When bathing your cat or dog, ensure no water gets into the ears. Otherwise, it can lead to inflammation, hearing problems, and other serious consequences. The easiest way to prevent this is to wear a shower cap.


Of course, not all pets are enthusiastic about this accessory, but you should put up with it in the interest of healthy ears. You can buy the cap at a pet store or order it on a Chinese website.

Water treatments

Although dogs like to run into the river to get a stick (or at least that’s what almost all owners believe), they don’t want to bathe in it. Many animals feel great stress.

We recommend giving him treats before and after bathing to make bathing less painful. Also, remember to cheer up the animal (talk to it, pet it) and not laugh or scream, as this will only aggravate the situation and increase fear.

Remove unpleasant odors

If you do something to your cat, she will soon take revenge. One of the most common vendetta campaigns is the rinsing of the litter box. Some cats do their business on your bed, carpet, or chair.

The following tips can help you get rid of the smell:

  1. Dilute a small amount of lemon juice or citric acid with warm water and wipe the dirty area.
  2. A mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide is a good remedy for odors. Mix both in equal proportions and add to the (lukewarm) water.
  3. With the help of manganese, which is diluted to a rich color, you can get rid of the “smell” and remove urine stains.

Free the laptop

The internet is full of photos of cats sleeping or just sitting on the keyboard of their owner’s laptop/computer. This has nothing to do with social networks, but simply with the fact that the cat wants to attract the attention of its owner or rest in a warm place. Of course, this looks cute, but if you have to work, you must find a way to get your device away from the cat without upsetting it. It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is put a small box next to the computer, and the cat climbs in and forgets the warm device.

Magic mix

Every cat owner knows cats like to do unpleasant things, from scratching furniture to knocking over vases and equipment.

To keep the kitten from these pranks, we propose making a unique “magical” mixture:

  • take a spray bottle;
  • fill them with water (no more than three-quarters full);
  • add 8-10 drops of essential oil (ideally lavender or citrus) and a few drops of liquid soap;
  • shake the mixture thoroughly.

If you apply it to places where the cat likes to romp, it will no longer go there.

Remove hair on the carpet and furniture.

Long-haired cats may look pretty, but this “beauty” can be found everywhere on carpets and sofas during the molting season.


The following tips will help you get rid of hair quickly:

  1. A rubber brush soaked in water (like the one used to brush dogs) helps clean furniture.
  2. A small amount of hair on the sofa can be removed with adhesive tape. Stick to the “hairy” area and tear off vigorously.
  3. When cleaning carpets and runners, a window puller is an ideal helper.

Support your dog’s hunting instinct.

Every dog is a wild animal, no matter how cute and fluffy it looks. Satisfy his instincts by letting him play with a few regular soap bubbles. Make your dog feel like a real hunter and get some exercise. You can do this several times a week.


Soap bubbles should be bought in pet shops; they smell suitable for pets and are entirely harmless to dogs.

The perfect toy

Young dogs are very active and need constant employment. It is undoubtedly fun to play with the dog, but you also have to have time for work, school, and household.


We suggest making a particular game ball for your favorite puppy. Take any ball, such as a tennis ball, and scratch it. Fill the ball with treats and give it to the dog. The dog will do his best to get the goodies out of the ball, and that will take a lot of time so you can focus on your daily work.

The cat and the windowsill

One of the favorite places of cats is the windowsill. When she spends her free time there, it is not uncommon for her to knock over vases, pull down or tear down curtains, etc.


There are several ways to drive the pet away from the windowsill:

  1. Obstacle course. Put a lot of “noisy” objects on the windowsill (metal lids or figures, toys that make noises, etc.). Firstly, it is uncomfortable for the cat to move, and secondly, when the objects fall down, they make a loud bang, which the cat does not like.
  2. Smells. Cats do not like strong scents, so it can help drizzle furniture with vinegar, lemon, or orange.
  3. Adhesive tape. Glue double-sided tape on the windowsill. The sticky surface does not attract the cat, and it will no longer visit its favorite place.

White teeth

Not all dogs like to brush their teeth. If you’ve tried all the usual methods but still need to get your dog used to this procedure, here’s a great tip. Just dab some toothpaste on his favorite toy (preferably made of rubber) and give it to him. If you do this for a week, you will notice that your dog’s teeth become much whiter.


As you can see, some tricks can make the lives of cat and dog owners much more accessible.

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