Little Chihuahua, who lost his best friend, snuggles up to a toy that looks like him

Tim and Ben were inseparable for six years.

Some friendships are so unique that nothing can interrupt them. This was the bond between a little Chihuahua named Tiny Tim and his brother Big Ben.
Jenny Leach said that several times she found poor and sad Tim sleeping on Ben.

In the early years, when Ben was a bit more elegant, he would lie down on the couch, and Tim would lie right on top of him,” says Jenny Leach, Tim, and Ben’s mother. She loved watching Tim and Ben interact.

The two met in 2016 when Tim was taken into Ben’s family. Ben was seven years old when Tim joined the family, and over time, the gentle giant began to struggle with his mobility. Tim realized that Ben was not doing well, so he started giving his brother space without moving too far away from him.

Instead of climbing on Ben as usual, Tim was gentler and contented himself with taking a nap or sitting next to him. On December 24, 2022, Ben unfortunately suffered a stroke. Ben’s condition worsened the following day, and unfortunately, he could not be helped. At the age of 13.5, Ben passed away from this world.

The woman shared the news of Ben’s death online, and her followers were immediately heartbroken. One follower, an Ohio woman named Beth, decided to send Tim a gift.
She sent him a substantial, plush dog. To Leach’s surprise, just seconds after she had placed the plush dog on the sofa, Tim climbed onto his back, as he had once done with Ben.

When they saw Tim sitting sadly on the sofa where he used to be together with Ben, people completely broke down emotionally.
The plush dog lives on Leach’s sofa, and whenever she finds Tim sleeping on her back, she thinks he dreams of the good old days with his best friend, Ben.

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