Ukrainian finds puppies in rubble – and can hardly believe what lies under them

These pictures went around the world: A Ukrainian soldier had rescued puppies and kittens from the rubble of a destroyed building. The puppies had tried to protect the kittens – now there are new shots. They show how the animals are doing today.

A soldier in Ukraine has rescued stray animals in the war-torn country, inspiring users on social media. A video shared by Yaroslav Lytcushun on TikTok shows a group of puppies under the rubble of a destroyed building.

Ukrainian finds puppies in rubble – this is how the little ones are doing today
When the soldiers looked closer, they noticed that the puppies were protecting a litter of newborn kittens and their mother. They refused to leave their side. Lytcushun lovingly talks to the protective pups and pets them to gain their trust. Now the rescuer gave an update and shows that the cats and dogs are still together, they have now grown a little and share a bowl of food together.

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