In an attempt to save his owner, the dog is stabbed in the head, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to defend his friend!

Dogs have always been synonymous with loyalty, a friend that never betrays us, an animal we can rely on and be sure will stay with us until the end, even if all our loved ones leave us. In addition to this quality, which many people almost no longer possess, they are also great protectors. They jealously guard their owner and their owner’s family, even if it means endangering their own lives.
In the group of good guard dogs, the German Shepherd breed stands out especially. This is the story of an extraordinary dog who almost lost his life to protect those he loves.

A man named Gino Wensel from South Africa was walking his dog when something happened that he could not have imagined.
The streets of South Africa are full of surprises. Sometimes we see and hear singing and dancing, while at other times we may just find ourselves in danger. Unfortunately, Gino and his dog had the misfortune to be threatened by a knife-wielding robber. A dog named Duke reacted instinctively when he sensed fear and danger. He growled at the robber, tugged at the leash and wanted to break free to attack the criminal. Fearing the angry dog, the robber simply stabbed him in the head with a knife and ran away.
Only in rare cases animals can survive such severe injuries, but the scared and angry dog kept growling and barking at the robber.

He wanted to make sure the thief had escaped, and then he collapsed in pain in a pool of blood. Startled, Wensel hugged his dog, but he had no time to panic because the little warrior was giving signs of life. He had to keep his composure and call for help immediately.

The Animal Welfare Society (AWSSA) came to the rescue of the brave dog. The poor dog was lucky that the blade of the knife did not injure his brain, so the doctors did everything in their power to safely remove the blade and repair the wound.

"Their bond is so special and it was wonderful to save Duke and bring him back to Gino," the hospital doctors said.

Watch Duke and Wensel’s first meeting after the incident:

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