Get to know the most beautiful horse species in the world! The Chinese called them “horses of paradise”

We are sure you will agree that horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world! There are really many different kinds of horses, both domestic and wild. Their colors take our breath away. Horse lovers confirm that love for horses is “at first sight” and “for the rest of your life”. No matter what breed or color we choose for our farm, we agree: horses are simply divine!

Horses of the Akhal Teke breed are considered by many people to be the most beautiful in the world. This horse breed originates from Turkmenistan in Asia. They are characterized by extraordinary intelligence, strength and endurance, but also by an incredibly shiny and unusual coat color, reminiscent of “metallic luster”.

This unusual coat color reflects light like metal, and if you think it is the product of an extraordinary grooming product, you are wrong. Their genetic hair structure is hollow, forming a prism through which light can pass. Nature has endowed them with this unusual and special luxury.

There are only 6,000 of these divine horses in the world, and the Chinese called them “horses of paradise” because of their magnificent appearance.

The Akhal Teke horse breed can come in many different colors, though the true luster of their coats is better displayed in lighter colors.
Their hardiness and athletic build make them suitable for equestrian sports, and they are often used where their strength and quality stand out.

An unusual fact is that in Turkmenistan the export of these horses is punishable by death.

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