The rescue of a dog buried under rubble gives hope to many in Turkey and Syria! (VIDEO)

The world is still stunned by the images and videos from Turkey and Syria, which were hit by a devastating 7.7-magnitude earthquake on the night between Sunday and Monday, followed by another one. According to modern-day information, more than 4,800 human beings died, and tens of heaps were injured in each country. Cities are destroyed, the number of victims is only increasing, and the survivors are doing their best to save thousands of people buried under the rubble.

Unfortunately, this natural disaster spared neither people nor animals. Fortunately, the volunteer rescuers pulled animals out of the ruins unharmed but frightened and in shock. However, many of them also perished. When we think of Turkey and its people, the first association is an incredible love for animals, which is why all other nations admire them.

A Tik Tok user named @murat63murat shared a touching video of a dog being rescued from the rubble. The volunteer rescuers work day and night to save surviving people and animals. So it was the turn of the unfortunate dog buried up to his waist in the rubble. He couldn’t move a bit and howled sadly, calling for help. His sad look brings tears.

That look of helplessness, sadness, and fear touched even the hardest hearts. The people who saved him knew that he was grateful to them, and he waited patiently to be pulled out and was calm and grateful. With great sadness and support, we send support and strength to the survivors of Turkey to endure.

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