Brazilians, this is for the cat! The Brazilian threw the cat in a very rude way, and then they were punished for it!

Brazilians, this is for the cat! At the press conference, one of the people from the team, in a very rude way, threw a cat that climbed on the table, so Croatia sent them home!
Even before the match, many fans wrote in the comments on social networks that because of this move, their respect for Brazil is decreasing and that they will support Croatia, and everyone together with the cat saw their moment of “revenge” when “selecao” was eliminated from the World Cup .

After Croatia’s victory over Brazil in the quarter-finals, a ‘meme’ started circulating on the internet that it was “for the cat”, and it refers to the cat that the Brazilian representative threw from the table at the press conference of the national team in front of Croatia.

The player shocked the journalists when he threw a cat that followed the entire press conference and at one point calmly laid down on the table in front of the player. His teammate was also confused, and the video soon went viral.

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