Can dogs sense and warn of an earthquake?

Scary videos from Turkey have prompted us to ask if dogs can sense ground movement days before a major earthquake.

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the world was flooded with videos of destroyed buildings, people’s sacrifices…. In the flood of these creepy videos, one stands out, showing a dog staring at the building and howling a few minutes before the quake, as if warning of an impending earthquake.

While it has not yet been scientifically proven that animals can predict an earthquake, the strange and unusual behavior of animals before a major natural disaster has been believed for centuries and even described in the Bible.

It’s as if animals can sense the earth’s tremor just before we all feel it on our skin.

There are a number of scientific studies on the subject, but one study conducted with cows, sheep and dogs in an earthquake-prone area said that the animals were significantly more restless in the barn than in the pasture, and that before the earthquake, the cows would freeze first, followed by the dogs. they would go crazy, and then the cows would become restless because of the strange behavior of the dogs, and finally there would be chaos.

However, it should be remembered that animals have instincts that compel them to defend themselves from predators and flee from danger.

A scientific study by Dr. Stanley Koren suggests that dogs can sense an earthquake the day before a major earthquake. According to the scientist, dogs show two main behaviors in these cases: either they are extremely fearful or they are up to 47 percent more active than usual.

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