This poor dog was injured and pregnant and wandered the streets for seven days!

Just like humans, homeless animals have many difficult and dangerous moments in their lives. No one cares for them, they have no home where someone waits for them or looks after them. They are left to fend for themselves, and so the dangers for stray dogs are commonplace, they face everyday difficulties, they struggle to find food and shelter. Sometimes a passer-by with a big heart meets them and feeds them, but this happiness is short-lived, the struggle for life continues.
One of the many dangers for stray dogs is road traffic. It is not uncommon for cars to hit and kill a dog. This is one such story, the story of a dog who luckily escaped death, but with a serious leg injury.
You see, he was hit one night by a car driven by an overtired driver who didn’t even notice the dog crossing his road. This could have been fatal, but fortunately it did not happen. The dog, which they later named Mia, was lucky.

Unfortunately, the car driver did not stop to help the poor dog, but drove on, and little Mia remained lying on the road for a few more days with her leg hanging off. Injured and in severe pain, she crawled around looking for food. And if you thought that was already too much of a burden for a small dog, you were wrong! Mia was pregnant!
And when she herself was tired and exhausted, help arrived! A passer-by noticed the exhausted and injured dog, informed the rescue service and the rescue forces arrived!

At the veterinary station, little Mia was cared for and examined, whereupon it was indeed determined that she would become a mother. The result of the accident was a broken foot and ankle, the operation was scheduled because everything had to be fixed as soon as possible.

In the end, everything turned out fine, the operation went well and little Mia was able to use both front legs again and raise her puppies well.

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