The Thai King rescued 13 starving dogs who were on the verge of death!

Thai authorities have received shocking news that there are 13 starved and abandoned Great Danes in a dog shelter. The dogs were locked in cages, without food or water, looking like walking skeletons. The sight was truly horrific!
In addition to the 13 adult dogs, two dead puppies were unfortunately also found. Unfortunately, there was no help for them.
The owner of this shelter for dogs left a few weeks before the responsible authorities found out about this problem, and the reason was the lack of funds for food and the necessary care of the dogs. As long as they were a good source of income, she sold them without any problems and took care of them, and when the demand for puppies decreased, she left them without mercy.

However, the lucky thing is that help arrived in time and the poor animals could be saved at the last moment. Several dogs were so weak that they could not even eat. They were carefully put into a transport vehicle and taken to the veterinary station.

At the veterinary station, all the examinations were done and proper help was given. Everyone was amazed that the animals had survived so long in such poor conditions. The dogs were extremely malnourished and people all over the world were furious and demanded the harshest punishment for a person who treats poor animals in this way.

But despite everything, this story has a happy ending, and it is thanks to the King of Thailand, Rami X. This man with a big heart did not allow the dogs to be left without anyone, he made sure that the costs for treatment, food and everything necessary for the animals’ further development were covered.

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