This is a small dog, fighting for its own life after being physically injured by a monster!

This is the story of a little dog fighter who managed to save himself despite human malice and physical torture. By a quirk of fate, this little dog had the misfortune to belong to the owner who treated him in an extremely monstrous manner. The monster hit the little dog on the head, causing severe head injuries. Fortunately, a neighbour noticed this and reported the abuse immediately. Fortunately, the responsible services reacted in time and the dog was taken away from the owner.

After being taken to the veterinary hospital, all examinations were carried out. The video showed an injury that the doctors described as head trauma, which means a very difficult recovery and an almost uncertain end. The vet monitored the little dog’s condition every day, his life was in God’s hands. If anything went wrong, there would be no turning back.

After a few weeks, the dog began to recover. His health improved. When he was moved to the area designated for recovering dogs, visitors could see him and all were impressed by his courage and will to live. He playfully greeted every visitor and wagged his tail as if nothing so ugly had ever been done to him by a human.

As his health improved, his therapy ended with a high-protein diet, painkillers and lots and lots of love and attention from humans and other animals.
This poor little dog’s struggle still continues and people around the world need to pray for his full recovery.

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