This is an unusual story about the friendship between a lonely cheetah and a man!

Sleeping with a cheetah sounds completely crazy to most people!
Dolph C. Volker has a very interesting profession. Firstly, he is a great lover of animals, and secondly, he deals with animal photography. After losing his pet dog, Dolph’s love for animals became even greater.

From the moment he was alone, looking for a way to pass the time and contribute to the improvement of animal care, he picked up a camera and turned his hobby into a profession. To start his career, he chose “Running Wild Cheetah Conservation” in South Africa. This is a big cat sanctuary that works to protect and conserve cheetahs and other endangered species.
At first Dokph was afraid to approach cheetahs, which is usually quite normal, but later this fear disappeared and he made friends with many cats, including a cheetah called Eden. He was also nicknamed the “Cheetah Whisperer”, which you will admit is quite acceptable.
Wondering how this strange friendship between a man and a cheetah began? One fine sunny day, when Dolph was very exhausted and fell asleep under a tree, Eden crept up to him. The cheetah in fact approached silently and clung to the man with his abilities, completely relaxed, as if he were one of them!
Dolph was beside himself after waking up!

He couldn’t believe that a wildcat had accepted him enough to trust him to come to him. From that moment on, their friendship is inseparable!

“I had no idea that cheetahs were so special. I fell in love with them. They are an amazing species that really deserve help, support and protection,” Dolph says. He loves working with them, and his YouTube channel is full of cheetah videos.

Watch the video about this unusual friendship between a man and a cheetah:

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