Pitbull from the shelter senses that the boy is sick and approaches him!

We all know that there are people who feel another person’s pain more strongly than others – we call them hypersensitive people. Did you know that there are also hypersensitive animals in the animal world? This is the story of one such dog! His name is Aladdin, and his ability is that he can unmistakably sense which of the people present has the greatest emotional need to be close to him and to help him heal in some way. This characteristic clearly distinguishes him from the vast majority of other dogs.
The dog Aladdin is a puppy (Pit Bull) who has been through all the bad situations that can happen to a dog since birth. Neglected by humans, he suffered on the streets until good and humane people brought him from the streets to a shelter where he struggled for a long time with malnutrition and many other problems. He cannot bend his front legs, he is missing 12 teeth, he lies and walks specifically because of the obstacles he has.

One day, Michele, a woman who would later adopt little Aladdin, became aware of him at the shelter. Little Aladdin was especially happy that day after meeting Michele. Everyone present knew that he would never be happier anywhere than in their home.

A year after his adoption, Aladdin received a certificate identifying him as a therapy dog. His ability to bond with and heal people, unlike other dogs, has now been officially confirmed. While no one can really explain how this process works, the fact is that everyone feels more relaxed and calm after meeting Aladdin, and emotional pain decreases significantly. He also has a special relationship with children, which makes him particularly happy.
There is another situation that proves that little Aladdin really has a special energy. One evening he found himself on the spot after a shootout in a nightclub. In the crowd, Aladdin ran up to a man who he thought needed his help the most at that moment.
The man later said, “That dog looked at me and knew I needed him.”

Aladdin not only helps people, but also his species, dogs who, like him, once survived emotional pain and trauma.

Mr Michel is very bothered by the stereotypes that exist about pit bulls, she says she is very sad when parents keep their children away from Aladdin out of fear, and Michel knows how much goodness and love there is in this dog. Michel does everything in his power to change this! He resorts to methods of training him in interesting colours to make him more approachable, because he really doesn’t deserve to be shunned by people.

Aladdin also won an award, receiving the Therapy Dog of the Year Award from the American Humanitarian Association. One of the guests at the award ceremony was a vet who approached Michele and offered free help! He wanted Aladdin to be able to walk normally again to relieve his pain, because Aladdin deserved it!

We hope we have inspired you at least a little with this story today. Every dog is special, one of them is Aladdin, and if you enjoyed this story and support Aladdin, watch this video and share his story!

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