An old elephant sheds tears after being rescued from captivity!

Human cruelty really knows no bounds. Because of evil people around the world, animals suffer terrible pain and trauma every day, and saving poor animals is no easy task. Even the hardest of hearts break when confronted with the reality that humans can be such beasts and that they are innocent and less bullied and mistreated.

The blessing is that no matter how evil and arrogant these people are, there is an army of brave and good, humane people on the other side who have only one goal – to fight against evil.
We present to you the story of a 73-year-old elephant named Sook Jai.
You see, this elephant was forced to be a tourist attraction for years and was bullied and exploited to the extreme.
For years he changed owners and served him in various jobs, tourist attractions and even street begging. The result was total blindness and almost complete hearing loss.
After years of torture, her old body couldn’t take it anymore.
Good people from the animal welfare organisation (Save Elephant) heard about it in time and reacted immediately by urgently bringing the elephant to their park.
The rescue centre is in Thailand and this is what the people who helped her said: “Sook Jai was lucky to be found by a caring soul who wanted to help her turn her life around. She was doubly lucky when Joan Baez decided to give Sook Jai a cruelty-free life for the rest of her life. “
When a group of people came to see Sook Jai after a twenty-hour journey, the sight was truly sad. They could see the wounds from the abuse on her body.

They laid her down comfortably, but she was so unwell that she refused to eat at first, only tiredness and despair could be seen on her face. Throughout the journey, the team that came to pick up Sook Jai made sure that the temperature in the room was comfortable for her, that they gave her tenderness and peace, and that they showed her in language she understands that her suffering was finally over.
This truly emotional moment, the culmination of human purpose when we do something good for others, was also captured on video.

The poor elephant understood all these gestures. She knew that she had been saved and that the hell she had lived through all her life had finally come to an end.
Sook Jai shed tears. People were able to record how Sook Jai cried, how she shed tears of joy, tears of salvation.
“I cried the moment I saw her crying and waving her trunk. She knows she is free now. Please save and save more and more elephants, together we can do it! ” said one of the viewers.
They end the video by saying, “Her life will be without any restrictions. She will remain free as she deserves. “

Sook Jai has finally arrived in her new home, rescued and free. Due to her blindness, she could not literally see her new home, but she felt it.

On the “Elephantnews” channel you will find many videos showing the work being done at Elephant Nature Park.

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