This dog shocked the world! He saved as many as 37 lives!

Rottweilers are known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds and their instincts are so strong that they are almost as alert as humans when it comes to helping and saving lives. The story of the Rottweiler that saved 37 lives shocked the whole world! In 1999, Venezuela was hit by a disaster that claimed many lives and caused great material damage. Thousands of people were left without their homes, their livestock and even their loved ones. The family of Vargas pilot Mauricio Perez was also affected by this disaster. He owned two Rottweilers and five puppies and also had two cats.

This family was a great lover of animals.

On the night of 15-16 December, a huge storm and rain hit the state of Vargas. No one knew what was coming, except for two dogs who were behaving extremely strangely. No one could understand why dogs behaved so strangely, but it didn’t take them long to figure out what it was all about. The storm came quickly, everything was flooded, and Perez and his family quickly went out onto the terrace to save themselves. The rain did not stop and everyone was in fear, waiting anxiously for help. The rescue service did not arrive until morning. A dog named Orion could not get into the rescue boat, no one wanted to help the animals. The family was brought to safety with tears in their eyes, not so much because of the material damage, but because of the fear that they would never see their dog again.

This brave dog was left alone and then he jumped into the water, everyone was confused because they did not know what the dog was up to. But a few moments later, everyone present was shocked. The dog swam to the girl, who could barely hold on to a tree trunk, and called for help. She was terrified and fought with all her might for her life. The dog grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to safety. Orion’s heroic act saved the poor girl from certain death! And just when you thought it was over, Orion jumped into the water again to save the life of another 14-year-old girl!
No one could stop Orion, the dog jumped tirelessly into the water, over and over again. He wanted to save the lives of everyone who needed help. Together with the rescue teams, he fought tirelessly for the lives of those in danger.
The family later asked the rescue service for information about their dog. No one had any information about him. The distraught family was saddened and disheartened, preparing for the worst news….
But two days later, Mr Perez heard some unusual news on TV: the dog’s heroic act was sensational news. He had no idea it was his dog, his Orion. No less than 37 lives were saved by this wonderful animal. When Perez realised who it was, his heart exploded with joy and pride. He cried like never before in his life. The dog was awarded a hero’s medal.

Since that day, Orion was a real hero, everyone wanted to meet him, he was a guest on TV shows. Unfortunately, his brave heart stopped beating in 2008. We remember him today as a hero to remind us to help people whenever the opportunity arises!

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