Faithful till the end! Cat Refuses To Leave The Bedside Of Dying Grandma Who Raised Her

An old woman named Sarah Whaley is 96 years old and her life is sadly coming to an end. He shares the last moments of his life with a cat called Trooper.

This cat was found on her property quite by accident in 2014. He was found by Mrs Whaley’s grandson. It was an ordinary afternoon when they heard a meow coming from the basement. After looking to see what it was, they were shocked. It was a little kitten that had gone missing when fate brought it to this wonderful family. The kitten was only 2 weeks old. They tried to find its mother but to no avail.
In order for the little kitten to survive, they had to take it with them. They took it to Florida, where its grandmother Sarah lived.

“My grandmother lived with us for 18 years,” Hackney said. “She moved here to take care of me and my sisters when we were little. She just stayed. She was definitely an important part of our household. She was a matriarch.

Besides her grandchildren, Whaley also loved animals, and she especially loved a cats.
“My grandmother would bottle feed her and sit with her and tell her how sweet and loving she was,” Hackney said. “Trooper is the kind of cat that a person has inside of them, and that person was definitely my grandmother.”

Until the old woman became ill, everyone thought the special bond between a cat and an old woman was like any other, and then they were all shocked to see how important they were to each other. There was really no question of ordinary friendship and love between an animal and a human being here.
When old Mrs Whaley could no longer get out of bed, Tooper the cat brought her things!
Whatever he found on the floor, he brought to the old woman. He slept in her bed all the time, too.

“As she got sicker and sicker, he brought her more and more things. I would go into my brother’s room and just grab his socks and drag them down and put them on the floor,” Hackney’s grandson said.

Whaley would have panic attacks from time to time, and Trooper would rush to her to comfort her.

“Trooper ran to her, jumped on the bed and just started stroking her and feeling her and she calmed down.

“She loved my grandmother so much and you could tell by the way she looked at her when she was sick,” Hackney added. “My heart broke when I saw the pain in her eyes.”
Trooper was heartbroken when Whaley died in March, just days before her 97th birthday.

“She didn’t want to be near my grandmother’s body, I took her there to show her that my grandmother would not return… because if they don’t know, they will come looking for them, and I wanted them to understand that our grandmother is gone.”

“But she ran away and lay under my parents’ bed. And after they took my grandmother’s body, she stopped eating. She’s not a very noisy cat, but she just ran around the house crying all the time. “

According to Hackney, Trooper is doing much better now, but she still goes into Whaley’s room and throws socks and other items on the floor.

“You can tell she definitely misses her grandmother,” Hackney said.

This truly sad and touching story has gone viral on the internet. It’s nice to see that an animal can be so careful and sensitive. Trooper really has a big heart and Ms Whaley will forever be a void.

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