This Chihuahua is so obese that he no longer looks like a dog!

We all know how big and serious the problem of obesity is. People all over the world spend thousands of dollars to lose weight and return to a normal and healthy life. Too many kilos are not only a burden on our health, but also affect our aesthetics and daily life. With a high weight, we find it harder to do things that we used to enjoy and do easily, we have neither motivation nor strength. Our life is reduced to eating and sleeping. Life activity is reduced to a minimum.
It is similar with the life of dogs and animals in general. Due to negligence and wrong diet of the owner, some animals become too obese and their life and health are endangered. There are also some diseases that affect animal obesity.
This is a male Chihuahua named Shorty, 11 years old. He and his sisters were in the shelter for abandoned dogs for a long time, in late 2018. And for him, a happy day finally came when someone finally wanted to adopt him. You see, many people who wanted to adopt dogs avoided adopting Shorty because he didn’t look like a dog at all due to his thickness. He could neither stand up nor walk.

A woman called Carly chose him just for his looks, he was irresistible to her! She saw something in him that no one had before her. She wanted to adopt him and take him to the vet. She wanted to help the poor dog.

The analyses showed that the little dog had a problem with his thyroid gland, which caused him to gain more weight. He weighed about 18 pounds. The doctor suggested Carly put the dog on a diet as soon as possible, which she agreed to. The diet included low calorie food with high protein content. After 2 months, his body began to change and it was visible that he was losing weight. This wonderful woman never stopped believing in Shorty, and thanks to her, the dog even weighed 7 pounds in a relatively short time! A few months after the adoption, Shorty was able to play with other dogs, go for walks and behave like a normal dog.
Everyone around Carly was amazed and happy, and Carly proved that anything is possible if you just believe hard enough and don’t give up! The road was not easy, but in the end it was worth the effort!

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