This cat ran through the flames of a burning garage five times to save her five kittens!

In 1996, this mother of five beautiful kittens sacrificed her life to save them from a burning garage. Cats living on the streets need to find a warm and safe place for themselves and their kittens. Usually these are places that are not visited by humans or other animals.

This gives them security, but nothing is safe in street life. An abandoned garage in New York suddenly exploded. A cat named Scarlett gave birth to her five newborn kittens in this very garage. That night was terrible for her. It almost ended tragically, but Scarlett wouldn’t let it!
David Giannelli is one of the firefighters who was on duty that night, and then he saw this big-hearted mother saving her kittens. That scene is etched in his memory forever! He had never seen anything so beautiful, yet scary and brave in his career.

Giannelli explained that the cat went back into the big burning flames every time to save her kittens. It was a really touching scene!

Scarlett the cat had many burns and injuries after her heroic act. She looked terrible and desperately needed the help of a doctor. Only when she was sure her kittens were safe did she become ill.

Firefighters soon took her and her kittens for treatment. The North Shore Animal League clinic was in charge.
Unfortunately, one kitten did not survive this terrible fire. All the others were rescued.

In 2008, Scarlett left this world, and her heroic act as a brave mother cat proves to us once again that the maternal instinct in animals is not at all different from human instincts.

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