Many people still visit the grave of a dog that died 100 years ago and bring him flowers!

At the “Green-Wood” cemetery in Brooklyn, there is a very unusual memorial.

It is a memorial that reminds us of an extraordinary dog who was adored not only by his owner, but also by all the people who knew him. Almost 100 years after this dog’s death, his grave is still visited by the heirs of the man who owned this dog.

John Snow owned a dog called Rex, and the people of this area have not forgotten this dog even after 100 years. There are still stories about him that are passed down from generation to generation.
During his lifetime, John Snow and his dog Rex were the best of friends and never parted ways, and in the end they were even buried next to each other.

People from the region who loved Rex have created a beautiful memorial to him.
When this photo went viral on social media, everyone wondered how it was possible that someone would still bring branches to this dog’s grave after so many years.

Then a resident of the town said that this was done for a special dog that the old people had told about.
The owners of deceased dogs also come to the grave of this special dog and ask him to take care of their best friends.

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