This cafeteria lets stray dogs sleep inside every night after the guests have left!

Unfortunately, there are few restaurants in the world that allow stray dogs in. Especially in the winter days, they need shelter and some fresh food. A restaurant in Greece offers shelter to stray dogs.

The café “Hott Spott” in Mytilene on Lesbos has opened its doors to stray dogs.

“When the bar closes every night, the animals come and sleep with us, we don’t have a problem. Since July, there has been a dogs on the couch every night,” says a waiter at the café, who wishes to remain anonymous.

This extremely humane gesture by the employees of this café has inspired people all over the world. The photos taken by Eustratios Papanis have gone viral on the internet and raised awareness that we all need to take more responsibility for these vulnerable animals who have no home.

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