The baby was crying in pain after its owner left it in the forest, and then its rescuer came!

The baby was crying in pain after its owner abandoned it in the forest, and then its rescuer came!

The scary sight of the crying puppy completely devastated the man who found it. The puppy was so scared and terrified that all it could do was cry for help.
Some people are so cruel that we just can’t call them human. Among the many shelters, the cruel owner decided to abandon the tiny puppy in the forest where it would be exposed to danger and with out chance of survival.

The little puppy cried as loud as he could, hoping that someone would hear him and help him.

Fortunately, a man was passing by and heard his crying. He immediately went up to him to see what it was all about. He was shocked!
He immediately reached out to pet him and reassure him, and the puppy just wagged his tail because he was happy and wanted to please him.
The man did not have the heart to leave the puppy, but put him in the car and took him to the veterinary clinic.

He named him Zarifa. The vet gave the little dog proper treatment and found that he had giardia. He also found that little Zarife had sores on his body that have since become infected. All this hurt him a lot and the doctor immediately administered antibiotics and painkillers.

Every time they touched the little puppy’s skin, he squealed. Zarife was anaemic and very thin. All this indicated that the little puppy had been in the forest for a long time and had eaten very little.
All this did not stop the little puppy from showing love to his rescuers. He was grateful AND friendly.
We hope that all these ugly moments will be far behind this little dog.

Can we send Zarife our prayers and good wishes? He deserves it!

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