Bengal cat Thor is the most beautiful cat on the planet

If you’re a fan of feral cats that you definitely can’t keep as pets, we present an appropriate substitute. It is definitely a Bengal cat. Unlike their wild cousins, which are extremely dangerous, this cat only has a similar coat color in common with them.

In addition, Bengal cats are extremely peaceful and friendly. They are characterised by a playful temperament and are definitely not for people who cannot follow their activity.

We present to you a unique example of a Bengal cat, and his name is Thor. Although Thor has patterns on his fur like a leopard or a tiger, he is extremely friendly, loves to be cuddled and accepts other animals very well.

His owner Rani Cucicov says that Thor is a very spoilt cat and is treated him like a real king by everyone in the house! They keep Thor with a lot of love and patience, even though his temperament is very pronounced.

“He talks all day and if we don’t respond to his meowing, he pees himself before bed, goes crazy and climbs the walls. He looks like a child who doesn’t want to sleep, but after a few minutes he calms down and goes to bed,” says Rani Cucicov.

Have you had the opportunity to meet this wonderful animal and how was your experience?

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