They tried to take the ball away from the baby panda and their reaction is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Make your favourite coffee or drink, sit comfortably and watch a video that is the cutest thing you will see today! We haven’t met a single person yet who isn’t enthralled by pandas. They really are one of the most beautiful creatures in the whole world, something like teddy bears on our bed. Baby pandas are creatures that love to play, just like children! They get on well with people and other animals. They are intelligent enough to learn useful life skills.

The San Diego Zoo has a little baby panda who is the main character in today’s story. Her name is Xiao Liwu. Baby pandas play with their toys like little children, they always have one of their favourite toys and jealously and selfishly keep it for themselves. So this cute little panda also has his own ball, which he doesn’t want to share with anyone.

In this zoo, the baby animals are tested to help them get used to their new environment and to make life easier for them. At the baby test, Xiao Liwu was given two balls, a tree branch and two bamboos. Bamboo and twigs were naturally familiar to the pandas, so their interest and attention was focused on the ball. For them, the ball was an unexplored area. The ball triggered indescribable joy and enthusiasm in Xiao Liw. No other toy was even remotely interesting.
When the guards decided that the test was over and they should take the ball away, Xiao Liwu gripped it tighter and refused to let go.

Watch the video and see for yourself what a cute creature he is!

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