He couldn’t even imagine what he would find in the discarded suitcase! One ordinary day changed his life!

Some dogs are lucky enough to be adopted by good people who provide them with a safe home and care for them. There are also those who are born into happy families and so grow up with lots of love and attention. On the other hand, we all know the others, monstrous people who treat their pets heartlessly and abominably. They let them roam the streets or treat their health carelessly.
Just a few months ago, a rescue service in Italy, the “Lega Del Cane Trani”, received a call to rescue an animal. The man, who was driving on the road, saw something unusual. He stopped his car, went back a few metres and saw a thrown suitcase. He thought that maybe to someone had fallen out of the Baggage area.

He walked up to the suitcase and opened it to see what it contained. He thought that there were personal belongings inside. However, this was not the case. He saw the last thing he could expect – a dog! He was hungry, dehydrated. Tired and barely alive! The dog was in a really bad condition. Fortunately, the rescue team reacted quickly and the dog fought for his life and did not give up.
Only some really bad people could do something like that. The dog tried all the time to open the suitcase, but without success. He only managed to scratch and damage the suitcase, but not to get out of it.
When the rescue service took the dog to the vet, he was diagnosed with several health problems. His health was severely compromised and the test results did not give him much hope. The biggest problem was with his stomach, and then there was a psychological problem.

He did not trust people, so it was very difficult to work with him. In such cases, the dogs are usually put to sleep. But these people did not want to give him up. They wanted to give him a new, a better life.
His treatment lasted several weeks, they fed him special food. After a few weeks, he could stand up and eat on his own.
But the most important thing is that this dog has started to trust people again. Of course, it took a lot of effort, work and perseverance. Of course, none of this was easy, but when we have a higher and noble goal, we gladly go for it and don’t give up.

Now that this dog is ready for adoption again, we hope that this time he will be much luckier to belong to good people, because he really deserves it.

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