The little Spitz was rejected by everyone, but not by this woman! This is his story!

Maybe at some point in your life you were rejected for a known reason. If you’ve had this experience, then you know of the ugly and painful feeling that you don’t belong anywhere. Unfortunately, that is also the fate of the small and cheerful Pomeranian spitz. He was rejected by the owners of the Pomeranian Spitz kennel because he was much bigger than the rest of his brothers and sisters. It didn’t fit in with its peers, and it wasn’t good for its owners either …

At only 5 months he was separated from my mother and taken to a shelter. His name is Bertie.
Katie Grayson, an artist and woman with a big heart, immediately discovered little Bertie. She wanted him with all her heart. She immediately headed to Oklahoma to pick him up.

It was love at first sight! Now they live happily in New York.
Bertram is one of the most popular dogs on the internet, I have my own fan page that has many companions. And all this does not surprise us in the least when we see his pictures, he is a really beautiful dog!

It looks like a cute little bear!

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