The wounded tiger asked the man to help him remove the noose around his neck that was causing him unbearable pain!

Imagine waking up one morning to find nothing less than a tiger in front of your house! That’s exactly what happened to a man who couldn’t imagine what he would see! The tiger was lying in front of the man’s house asking for help and rescue.

The man heard unusual noises coming from outside. He thought it was just the sound of the wind or something, but then he decided to go and see what it was. When he saw the tiger, he was completely shocked and froze in fear. The tiger slowly stood up and then walked towards the man who was standing there motionless. The man, like probably all of us, stood rigid with fear, expecting the worst. It is really difficult and almost impossible to escape from such a big and fast animal, which definitely ranks first in terms of its hunting abilities. To his great astonishment, the tiger simply walked towards the man and lowered its head.

The man stood motionless for a long time, and then he realised from the sounds the great animal made that the tiger was in great pain. In a moment the fear had almost completely disappeared, and then the man went down to the tiger to find out what was really bothering it and causing it pain. He discovered a steel noose around the tiger’s neck, pressing against his neck and causing a wound . The wound was already in a very bad condition, festering and becoming badly infected. The man reacted immediately to help and save the animal and made his way to his barn where first aid was located. The tiger followed him and ran after him as if they were friends. He trusted him and knew that this good man could help him.
The man took a lot of time and carefully removed the noose from the neck, cleaned and took good care of the wound, and the tiger, despite the severe pain, was strong and endured everything, with great trust in this man.

When everything was over, the man left the tiger alone. When he woke up the next day, he went to see his uninvited guest, but he was not there! When the wound had healed and the tiger finally regained his strength, he simply disappeared. Thanks to this good man, the tiger was saved. And just a few days after he left, a man found a deer carcass in front of the house, and that was a sign of the tiger’s gratitude because his life had been saved.

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