The dog says goodbye to his friend for the last time, and this moment has broken millions of hearts!

When we lose someone we love, we feel great sadness and pain. The cognition that we will never see someone we love again breaks our heart into a thousand pieces. This is one such story.
Sadie is a 13 year old dog who spent his whole life with a man called Andy Baelieu who died suddenly, making this dog the saddest dog in the world. The extent of his sadness was seen by millions of people around the world when the video was shared on social media. Millions of comments testify that this scene is one of the saddest they have ever seen. Andy Baelieu adopted Sadie as a little puppy, with whom he spent the most beautiful and saddest moments of his life.


Sadie was a desperate and terribly sad dog, he wouldn’t eat for days, he would just sit there sadly and not give anyone a chance to cheer him up. He suffered in his own way, as only a loyal and faithful dog can.
He said goodbye to his friend with dignity, knowing that he was there waiting for him somewhere and that they would soon be together again, but this time for good.

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