The woman finds a dying pink stain on the floor and promises to give it a second chance!

We will also add a woman named Jessica to the ranks of brave, honourable and good people with a big heart. She could not even imagine that on an ordinary day, after picking up her daughter from school, she would become a real heroine. As she walked past a park, she saw a small pink spot on the ground. She couldn’t even guess what it could be. As she got closer, she saw that it was a small newborn squirrel that had fallen out of its nest. The little animal barely showed any sign of life. Many would give up, but not Jessica. This woman has always been a fighter, and she promised herself and the little animal that she would fight for her goal this time too.

Jessica wrapped the little squirrel in her scarf and took it to her house. She named it Steve. She was aware that she had a difficult road ahead of her. Steve was cold, shivering with cold and visibly shocked. She wrapped him in a soft blanket and fed him with the help of syringes. She took care of him every day until he finally started to grow like a normal and healthy squirrel. There were many sleepless nights behind her, but nothing was difficult for her because she became attached to Steve and fell in love with him.

She was like a proper caring mother to a little squirrel, everything she had to do for Steve was not difficult for her, she did it with a pure heart. She taught Steve to cope not only at home but also outside, in his natural environment. She spoiled him to the max! Steve is her baby, whom she simply adores!

She says that she couldn’t even imagine a pet coming into her life completely by accident, and that was a squirrel!
One day Steve had simply disappeared. Jessica looked everywhere for him, but he was gone. Steve just naturally went into his natural habitat. His leaving was extremely difficult for her.
Like any mother, she could not accept that her baby wanted independence and self-sufficiency. And when all hope was lost that Steve would return, he showed up. You can see this moment in the pictures!

This very beautiful story has motivated many people around the world. It gives us the good feeling that we share planet Earth with great people who help animals and never give up on them!

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