A stray dog suffering from scabies can’t stop smiling after being rescued! Now he is called “The happiest dog in the world”!

Just a little love is enough to make someone happy. Both humans and animals need love and attention. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have this love. Many dogs are condemned to wander the streets and fend for themselves for a little food. On the streets they are often exposed to various dangers and even diseases. Their immune systems are often weakened due to inadequate nutrition, so they are often attacked by diseases that can even endanger their lives.
Shortcake is a 6-year-old pit bull that we will write about today. This adorable dog gets his name from his irresistible smile. For this reason, he was voted the happiest dog in the world on the internet. “

This dog laughs for two main reasons: when he is excited and when he has done some damage, he tries to cleverly get out of it.
Shortcake has been laughing more and more since he was picked up off the street and adopted by a woman named Amy Matsushima.

“She’s very silly, full of noises and playful when she’s not sleeping, but even then she smiles,” Amy told the Daily Mail. “She really does smile most of the time.”
This happy dog wasn’t always happy, however. His life story was very sad to begin with. He was a stray dog.
“Shortcake was found on the street suffering from severe scabies and a hernia,” Amy said.
He was in the shelter for a long time, no one wanted to adopt him because of his health.
“She wasn’t in the best shape because everyone who met her at the time said she smelled like rotten meat because of the scabies.”

However, when Amy saw his photo, she immediately felt he was the right dog for her. She wanted to adopt him, and she did.
“When I saw her picture on the rescue page, I couldn’t believe it,” Amy said. “She looked miserable, but she was wagging her tail and had her little smile, and it hit me right in the heart.
I said, ‘I have to meet this dog.

Amy knew she had a long way to go before Shortcake was healthy again, but she persevered in her determination to help this dog and give her the healthy and comfortable life she deserved.

Shortcake eventually recovered after several months of care and treatment and is now a playful dog like any other. Amy says Shortcake prefers to stay at home rather than go for walks because he feels safe there.

Shortcake’s smile delighted fans online. Her own Instagram account, @theladyshortcake, now has over 185,000 followers.
Shortcake not only makes his owner Amy happy, but he also brightens the day of everyone who sees him. He is a real antidepressant for all sad and lonely souls! And that’s really great!

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