The two-legged dog was thrown out on the street by its owner because he was ashamed of his disability!

When God closes one door, he opens another” is perhaps the best proverb with which to begin our story today.
The two-legged dog has become a symbol of heroism, to which the novel “With a Little Faith” also bears witness. When someone is born with a disability or becomes one later in life, they need much more strength and courage to struggle through life.

People with disabilities need much more care and imagine how much care and attention animals with disabilities need. There are people who take care of animals with disabilities, help them to participate in normal life, give them a lot of love and attention, but there are others. This dog, who was born with two legs, had another accident, he was left on the street by his owner. The owner did not want to take care of a dog that is not like all the other dogs. Too heartless, isn’t it?
The little puppy was born on Christmas Eve 2002. He was born with a birth defect where two paws were normally developed while the third was completely atrophied and useless.
In the animal world, a mother who notices that one of the puppies is sick will naturally reject it and not give it milk. Usually these puppies soon die.
The owner was very upset when he first saw the puppy, which had only two legs left, he realised he could not take care of it and threw it away.

Jude Stringfellow was the female guardian angel for this puppy. She found him and took him in. She knew she could help him, even though it would not be easy. Her big heart could not let the little puppy die on the street.
Mrs Jude named the little puppy Faith. This name has a strong symbolic meaning for “faith” in life. The woman was impressed by the strength and endurance, the will to live that this puppy possesses.
In front of this courageous woman and in front of the little puppy was a very difficult task.

Faith struggled at first with the skateboard that Mrs Jude had made for her. Faith had to lean on the skateboard for a long time and push herself forward with her back legs.
Faith loves walks in parks, loves people and other dogs. Faith has learned to stand and walk on two legs, almost like a human. This is very interesting!

Faith is adored by everyone in the neighbourhood, she has fans all over the world and has also been a guest on several TV shows.

She is also often a topic in newspaper articles. She is a strong motivator for everyone!

Faith has become a “healing psychologist” who, with her blissful composure, eases the emotional pain of soldiers returning from war. At the same time, it is she who gives seriously ill hospital patients life inspiration and a desire to fight the disease.

Mrs Jude decided to travel around the world with her wonderful dog to help people all over the world.
“Even if you don’t have great material, remember that you can still have a wonderful soul,” said Mrs Jude.

We hope that the story of this wonderful little dog will inspire us to have more faith, to try harder and to never give up on our destiny.

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