They said rescuing a dying dog was a “waste of time,” but some good people didn’t give up!

The animal rescue organisation received a call for help from an injured dog whose chances of survival were slim. Despite the small dog’s low chances of survival, these people remained optimistic and immediately responded to the call for help.

“Animal Aid’s” experienced staff had witnessed many such actions due to their many years of experience. They knew they could help the unfortunate dog. The poor dog was lying on the concrete in a semi-conscious state. When the rescue service arrived, they carefully positioned him and took him to the ambulance. The first examinations showed that the dog had no bone injuries, but the neurological analyses gave bad results.
The situation is really uncertain, nobody can say for sure if the little dog will make it and in which direction his recovery will go. The whole rescue team was united on one thing – they will not give up on him!
They fought for the little dog as if he were a human life. The little puppy was named Sona. Sona suffered a severe head injury which was extremely serious and severe regardless of the small wound on his head. Therapy included antibiotics and essential nutrients.

Volunteers took care of her recovery, fed her happily and gradually, after three days, she was able to swallow just a little food. She still could not hold her head on her own.

Sona is a very brave dog, she fought for her life with all her might, she was determined to get better. She inspired everyone around her with her courage and will. She cooperated with the vets even though she still had a long way to go before she was healthy again.

After 6 weeks, little Sona managed to take her first steps. Everyone was amazed and happy. Finally, the efforts and struggles were worth it! It is a great feeling when we reap the fruits of our effort and work, and Sona was the true proof. They didn’t give up on her, and for that she was grateful.

Although Sona’s little legs cannot yet fulfil her wish for a normal life, she does not give up. And she is helped in this by the family who adopted her after her recovery.

She fits in well in her new environment, she even gets along well with little Machete, who is also a favourite of this wonderful family. Sona really loves everything around her.

Sona is really a great inspiration for all of us to never give up on our goals.
“When you can’t do the most, you have to do the most”, they said.
We thank Animal Aida for never giving up on this wonderful dog!

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