After his mother was hit by a car, the little puppy trembled in the same spot for days, hoping she would come back!

After tragically losing his mother, this puppy was left alone on the street with no hope of survival. His mother was run over by a car. It is not uncommon for street dogs to suffer in this way. A man with a big heart takes care of the dogs on the street every day, feeding them and putting drinking water out for them. When he first saw this puppy, he thought its mother was somewhere nearby. It was the same on the second day. By the third day, everything was very strange. The little puppy was still sitting in the same place, shivering from the winter. The little puppy was waiting for his mother. He was not aware of what had actually happened and that she would not come back.

The man took the puppy and decided to take him with him. He put him in the car and drove to his house. The little puppy was afraid of the ride in the car, but on the other hand, his eyes showed gratitude towards this wonderful man because someone had finally taken him away from the cold and scary streets.
The little puppy knew that this good man would help him. He was called Baby.

The man immediately took the little dog to the vet where some routine check-ups were done, he was cleared of various parasites, given a vaccination and also given medication for ticks and fleas.
But he was happiest because he finally felt the warmth and care that his mother gave him. It is true that nothing can replace a mother’s love, but in situations like this, it is absolutely important that a human being cares about rescuing a poor animal and in some way compensates for the emptiness.
The little dog spent the first night in this man’s house peacefully. He was given a good and warm meal, and then he snuggled up and fell asleep peacefully.
The next day, the little dog had almost completely regained his energy. The little dog was jumping around and wanted to play like any other dog. He wagged his little tail happily to show how much he thanked the good man for everything he had given him.

It was as if he wanted to tell him that he would always be his best friend and loyal friend as a token of gratitude. The baby got a second chance at a very normal and good life, and we are very happy for him!

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