The sea has washed a stone house onto the shore: A tourist begins to investigate how this could have happened

The monumental columned house did not look very safe

An unexpected discovery that led to extensive investigation caught the attention of a tourist walking on a beach in El Salvador. In the middle of a deserted beach, directly in the sea water, stood an obviously abandoned stone house. How and when it had gotten there, not even the locals knew, but the man was not satisfied with that answer and decided to find out.

The world became aware of a strange house that had just washed ashore, courtesy of a tick-tock user nicknamed Cholopanza.

The monumental, columned house did not look very safe. Although the mansion had withstood the onslaught of the waves for a long time, the walls could have collapsed at any moment.

The video posted by Cholopanza quickly went viral, and every day new versions of why the villa was in the coastal waters appeared in the comments. Most often, people wrote that a hurricane had washed it here.

The story of the mansion turned out to be much more mundane. Journalists continued to investigate when a sensation was in the air after the video was released.

Local residents did not come to this beach, so it was not possible to find out from them who had built the house directly into the water or where it came from. After much investigation, a fisherman was finally found, who told that the house had ended up in the sea due to simple carelessness of the builders.

The house, which did not have a secure foundation, had been planned several years ago as a hotel 100 meters from the coast, but after a year it had sunk and slipped into the sea rather quickly. It ended up in the water.

The unsuccessful hotel owners, on the other hand, were apparently so upset that they decided not to demolish the house, but simply to abandon it.

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