A cat of huge size is often mistaken for a dog on the street

When people see this cat on the street, they get scared

When people see this fluffy cat on the street, they get scared. He is just huge.

Natalie Bowman from California got a Maine Coon kitten in 2017 and thought it would grow big, but it exceeded all expectations.

With a body length of 1.3 meters, the cat is now not only big, but huge. Natalie enjoys walking her cat on a leash and is amused that passersby often mistake Finn for a dog.

It also makes a woman laugh when, for example, maintenance workers come to her house and are startled at the sight of the furry giant, comparing him to a bobcat.

There is no reason to be afraid. Finn is a very friendly and affectionate cat who gets along well with people and a second house cat.

Source: pets.24tv.ua, tiktok.com

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