Little Abby lost her fur and was looking for food in trash cans: The dog was found by volunteers

In September, an emaciated and sick dog named Abby was found on the street by animal welfare workers. She was feeding on scraps and looked very weak.

The nearly bald older dog, estimated to be 10-12 years old, was in desperate need of help that her rescuers could not give her on their own. They turned to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, whose staff recognized that despite her condition, Abby was a beautiful dog who could be restored to health with lots of love and care.


When Abby’s rescuers found her, they were shocked by her condition. The dog was suffering from skin and ear infections, a broken hind leg and other illnesses that had long gone untreated. However, Abby’s new friends did not hesitate for long and immediately began treatment.


“We had to give her daily medication to treat her skin infections and ear infections,” explained Sarrah Walton, a staff member at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana.

After some time, Abby transformed from a nearly hairless dog to a fluffy, fun-loving girl who enjoys life to the fullest. Her rescuers can hardly believe how much she has changed.


“She’s doing great,” Walton said. “Abby is bold and confident. She loves to cuddle with people.”

Although Abby still needs more treatments, her new friends are full of hope and anticipation for the future. They can’t wait to see how happy Abby will be when she finally finds her new home.


Abby has already come a long way and her story is a reminder of how much love and care can change an animal’s life.

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